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Nathalie's Story

When I was a student I had several student jobs. Once, I had the chance to work for the same company as my dad, doing an administrative job for a newspaper. I was trained just before the summer vacation, and when I returned I began to work immediately. At first,

"I felt very insecure, and wasn't sure I was remembering all the steps correctly",

Then one day I clicked on something wrong, and made the price of an advertisement different. I did not dare to ask for help because I was supposed to know already, after all, I had done my training!

I put so much pressure on myself, because I thought that I should know it. Of course now when I look at it,

"not to know things is okay",

And most of all it is better just to ask someone when you need help. I felt very ashamed of the extra work I created for others with my mistake and in my dads place of work...

After I was found out, they explained where I went wrong, and then I started getting it right, and even enjoyed myself.

From this I learnt that it is better to face it, be honest about mistakes, apologise, and then move on.

"It is part of being human to fail."

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