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The Failing Forward movement is mostly about helping you realize the non-negative meaning of failing. Helping you to realize that failing is a completely normal thing and as I see it, it’s only a good thing. It’s a good thing because it helps you see what you did wrong and think about what you’ll do better next time.

"In life there are often times when we have to choose between the easy way and the hard way."

We have to choose whether we want to sit on our asses and feel sorry for ourselves; because the hard way is something we could never do, because we’re not strong enough or good enough, and we will fail if we try...

OR, we could stand up for ourselves and go for it. Go out of our comfort-zone and do what we've got to do.

"Failing is something everyone will go through if they want to do something successful in their life."

It’s not a sign for you to stop and give up, but it is a sign for you to get back up and try even harder!

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