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Felix's Story

Failing is something we all know from experience. If you don‘t – please call me and tell me how you live your life. The fact is, too many people consider failure as something bad that should be avoided by all means, and therefore end up living their entire lives in fear of failing.

They let their decisions be dictated by that fear and miss out on countless learning opportunities. This used to be a rather accurate description of myself.

"I did whatever I could to avoid failure, and that meant to stop chasing my dreams",

..and settle for the safe choices.

After being a part of the Fail Forward movement, my outlook on failure has changed in a number of ways. Failing is still scary and undesired for me, and when I do fail it still feels as draining as it used to. What has changed however, is that I don‘t let the fear of failure stop me from going for what I want. I now see failure for what it really is – an opportunity for reflection and growth.

"Learning techniques to cope with self-judgement and comparison is something that I value greatly."

These ways now help me accept and cope with failure in my everyday life as a student, an employee, and in my personal life as well.

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