Kinga's Story

When I was 16 I had to choose which upper secondary school I wanted to go.

Deep inside myself I wanted to just go to general school but all of my friends and everyone around me wanted me to go mercantile school, so I could use my creative side. They said that would be the best for me, so I ended up going there. But I slowly started to regret my choice.

"I tried to find a plan B, but with no positive results I ended up skipping school a lot."

Kinga, 20, Norway

Finally I found something called påbygg - one extra year at school, which gives you a chance to study later. A lot of people around me told me that påbygg is really difficult and few finish it.

However this time...

"...I was determined not to listen to people around me, I went there, and ended up with better grades than ever before."

The conclusion here is that what others expect from you does not have to be the same thing as what you want, and you should not make decisions for others when it comes to your life!

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