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Isak's Story

I have failed over and over these past few years. To keep this short, I have probably done every possible mistake there is. One winter I hit my rock bottom, I made a series of terrible choices and it was bad. Really bad.

Finally I got myself professional help, and medication that helped me to feel better. I managed to get back on my feet by the summer, when I started working with kids, planing activities and teaching them to sail. I think that's what helped me the most, you get so much more than money in that kind of job...

Isak, 23, Iceland

The rest of that year was still very hard, I tried to get out of the medicine but the downswing’s where too hard on me. Finally during fall I managed to get my body clear of it, difficult but worth it. By the following winter I felt like everything had changed, I showed up in the gym and did some actual work for the first time in my life.

The next step was to try and tackle the career that I wanted, there were a few more bumps in the road but I knew what I wanted and I was going to achieve it. That was around the time I met the Fail Forward group.

Man, I think that was probably one of the best things that has happened to me in past years, and at such perfect timing!

I really think it changed me and the way I think to the better. A fair few months have gone by, and now I am employed professionally in my chosen career, and am also training others in the gym. I think I am currently in the best mentally and physical state of my life today. You need to show them you can! I don´t care what other people think, I´d rather go out and try to follow my dreams, and achieve my goals. I don´t want to live my whole life thinking what if?

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