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Project Leader Stories

Ann, 40,
Antwerpen (Belgium), Founder

For me 'Fail Forward' is so important because I believe that it is an essential part of learning. Failing is not fun and certainly not comfortable. So this movement is not about sugarcoating 'failing' but about developing fail-resilience. I really believe that you can get better at failing if you give yourself permission to do it and have the right support. For me the right support is someone who says 'yes, you failed and yes, it really sucks! And it is all part of the process, so what is the learning here? Because you are going back in and try again! You can do this, so keep going!' I am very lucky to have a couple of people like that in my life and I would like as many learners as possible have that kind of support during their 'Fail forward'-journey. 

My ultimate dream is to empower people to unlock their full potential. To do that I feel we need to change our perspective on failing as part of learning. More risk taking and going for what we really want and less playing small and making someone else's mark.  

I fail very often and in a big way because I keep on embarking on long and intensive learning journeys like being an entrepreneur and becoming a certified professional co-active coach. Easy? Definitly not! Comfortable? No way! Worth it? Absolutely! 

Next to one of the founders of this movement, I am also a trainer, Certified Professional Co-active coach and a Certified Daring Way TM Facilitator (If you see a lot of Brené Browns work pop up on this site, it is me :-) )  

Therese, 41
Bud (Norway), Founder

I'm a person of human nature, meaning that I prefer staying within my comfort zone instead of skating off on thin ice. At the same time, I'm very much aware of the fact that if you're not willing to take risks in life, that life will be a dull and quite uninteresting affair. My vision for the Fail forward movement is that I, and people like me who need that extra push to get going, will support each other in pursuing our life goals by developing talents while exercising our failing skills! 


What I do in life: I work with culture and people. My passion is literature, both reading and writing. I am the poet that triggers change! My two children inspire and motivate me to contribute to making the world a peaceful place, in good shape for coming generations. My dream for humanity is that everyone reach their full potential.



Valdi, 37
Saudarkrokur (Iceland), Founder

The concept of Fail forward has opened my eyes to the fact that I don´t have to be scared of making mistakes and all we force our selves to do is something that we learn from, what ever the outcome is.

In my profession, as a teacher and a youth worker, I have come across a lot of people, especially kids and young people, that are afraid of seeking their dreams, or trying new things and methods. ‘Play it by the rules!’ is a concept that we are tought in school and in our childhood. We are also made to believe that we should finish school, get our degree and go by the rules of society in order to become a respected member of our society.

My vision for the Fail forward movement is that it will open up young people´s eyes to the fact that there is more then one way to learning things and that all of us work in a different way and that our goals can be reached in many different ways.


Zoe, 28,
London (Uk)

Together with my brother Guy, I founded the newest n.g.o partner to the Fail Forward project The Inspirational Network.

The IN:Net are dedicated to developing relationships, platforms, and opportunities for deserving individuals to explore the benefits of creative outlets in everyday life. Our belief is that the people and communities that would benefit most from creative encouragement are often the least exposed to it. - We aim to challenge this. We think creativity enriches lives and develops self confidence and self worth.

We seek...

To share and encourage,

To create links and pathways,

To create opportunities that expand skills,

To grow an Inspirational Network.


Bringing IN:Net with me, I joined the Fail Forward Project because I have experienced the innumerable benefits of the work first hand. This project enables people to dream bigger, to fight their fears, and to learn to take the Fails in order to get to Victories and what is important to them – It's such a vital service to offer. I believe in it, I believe it is important for anyone and everyone who wants to learn, to achieve, and to improve. I want to help it grow in any way I can.

Who I am:

I'm a writer and performer of stories, sometimes under the pseudonym Poppi Dee. The focus of my work is to challenge perspectives and share entertaining truths. I'm from the West Midlands, UK, but currently live and work in London where I run IN:Net, Play-write, Perform and Facilitate workshops.

Send us your 'Fail forward' story! Tell us how you 'Fail forward' and we will add your story here! 



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