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  Start your own Fail Forward Journey with The Tools below...


Give Yourself Permission To Fail

Most people like to stay within their comfort zone because it's so nice and comfortable. Learning and failing happens in your stretch and learning zone. Having a clear goal for yourself, knowing why you want to go there and what you want to learn, is a first step. Giving yourself Permission To Fail makes the move from comfort zone to learning a conscious decision. We developed Fail Forward Permission Slips for you to use! You can download them here. 

If you want, you can add your own learning goal or failing strategy to it and really make it your own. In the download you have 4 permission slips, so please give them to people you would like to have support from, or who would be great members of your very own Fail Forward Club! Or you could even come up with 4 learning and failing areas for yourself. The choice is yours! 


Own Your Story: Join The movement!

Owning your Fail Forward Story is the way to get all the learning juice out of it. Looking at what happened in all honesty and figuring out who you were and who you want to become through this process, is what turns your fail experience into a learning experience. 


As the Fail Forward Movement we want to to encourage you to share your Fail Forward Story with us so we can all be inspired and celebrate your learning.  We learn more as a community of peers, and the support is empathic and heart felt because we're all in the same boat: we're all learning and failing! We believe that the way to truly 'Fail Forward' is by reflecting on the experience with the support of peers who are also out there playing big. 














There are two ways to join the movement:

1. Take The Fail Forward Pledge by filling out the permission slip or writing 'Permission to Fail!' on your hand. Then take a picture of you and your pledge and send it to You will see your picture appear here


2. Send us your Fail Forward Story. It can be short and bullet pointed or a short novel. Whatever you want to share with the world, is fine with us! We will feature the stories here so others can be inspired by them. Join us! 


Try out Open Source Material during the Fail Forward week!  

Fail Forward workshop in Antwerpen on 24 or 25 September 2017 from 10:00 til 17:00 in Pain Quotidien Kievitplein.  


WE NEED YOU! To complete the survey below up to where you are with Fail Forward - beginner to pro failer, we still need the feedback!

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